My Day in Denton TX

Denton Texas has been on my bucket list of places to visit when I travel. Between its culture and different universities that are nearby the city, I’ve always been fascinated by it. One of the first schools I applied to when I was looking to major in music was the University of North Texas. They’re known for their outstanding jazz program that has won numerous Grammy Awards. They also have an amazing marching band.


The music scene alone in Denton is worth noting. It draws a lot of local acts that come out of UNT. In fact, a famous jazz fusion group known as Snarky Puppy was formed from a group of students attending there. It’s become such a hot spot that it hosts its very own music festival. This is known as the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival.


I was also highly excited to see the shopping scene when visiting the town of Denton, Texas. Denton Square was home to a number of awesome restaurants and local “mom and pop” shops that have always been around the area. My favorite food spot in particular was J and J’s pizza. Instead of pizza, however, I bought the wings on recommendation from the manager. Easily the best wings I’ve ever had.


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